1 Day to go - Packing

It seems that technology rules the day on travel, or atleast for this trip. Telstra has cut off my internet acces becuase I've over run my data allowance and it seems as though I've been cast adrift.

And then when packing half of the available space has been consumed with 9 power plugs/ adapters, various power leads, computers, GPS, CB radio, 2 phones (one with a new SIM), iPads, a couple of cameras, a backup battery and a back up drive. We are not taking a portable power station (other than the battery pack which will kick start the car if all else fails) so will be relying on car generated power to keep things running.

Other than this the packing is running very smoothly as Loris is reduced what I am allowed to take down to a spare pair of knickers and a change of socks.