Day 2 - Delivery of the Cars

Up early for a walk along the beach and a swim before setting off to collect the cars, but not before we had completed another mountain of paperwork. No wonder the Thai paper industry is so successful.

Off to the Customs Bureau where we signed another mountain of papers, and then we sat and waited and waited and got moved on because we were taking up all the available waiting space. At 1630 we received a call that Thai Customs had finished going through the mountain of paperwork that they had us sign and were just going to check the details on the paperwork matched the vehicles - of course it did!!!!

1730 and the cars were released. Jubilation as the owners crawled back into their pride an joy and tried to start the cars. Most did, some need a bit of encouragement and others needed a bit more, including some petrol - it must have either evaporated or Tony misjudget the 1/8 of a tank allowance he was allowed to leave in the car.

Off in convoy in Thai peak hour traffic to the hotel where we arrived just before 1930 after a long and tedious day. But the journey is now starting to feel very real!