Day 5 - Packing

Final preparation of the car and packing. Surprisingly we seem to have a bit more space than anticipated. Maybe its because the Navigator and she who must-be-obeyed in the packing realm suggested that half the pile of stuff I had gathered should be left behind. We shall see in the morning when the final jamb takes place.

After that I went for a walk along the waterfront at Bangsaen to the nearby fishing village, which was co-incidentally situated at the base of this big hill which seemed to be a sanctuary for the local monkeys. Not sure, if you have been to Bangkok before, not only are there not many hills, but there are not many rocky outcrops.

Pleasant lunch on the waterfront. Well actually ordered a Cola which was then accompanied by rice, a spicy fish dish and a curried crab. they must have been reading my mind and I really was hungry but had left my wallet at the hotel and only had a few hundred baht on me. But this had sort of escaped me while I was hoeing into the feed. It was not until I had finished that it sort of dawned on me that the cost of what was provided may have been more that the contents of my pocket. When the bill was produced (not one spoke any English, and there were only locals in site) I had the challenge that I could muster half of what they wanted and really I had not ordered any of it, other than the Coke.

The good part was they accepted all i could muster and I didn't have to do the washing up. Still not sure why all the food was produced as I am sure that Cola translates pretty well in Thai, or so it appeared on the menu. One of those life experiences I guess.

Wandering back over the monkey hill ( not sure what its all called as I only seem to be able to find this on Google Thailand and despite 4 days in town my Thai is still very rudimentary) I started to wonder whether it was safe as all the locals were driving by with their windows shut tight and i was the only one not in a car. This followed a lengthy discussion last night about who had had their rabies injections before the trip.

Off on our adventure tomorrow. Hope I'm not getting too vague in this unstructured environment.